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Glenda van Koot, June 22 2023

What's In A Name?

I’m in the process of changing my original business name, Moonset Meditation, to Pathways To Serenity With Glenda. 

I love teaching and my sole purpose in becoming a meditation teacher was to help people handle their stress.

Since I began teaching in 2015, this has grown to include teaching qigong, reiki, facilitating retreats, speaking engagements and coaching on tips and strategies to simply make life a little easier.

But here’s one of the things I’ve learned along the way - you have to be open to make a change.

You need to look around you at the big picture of your life - of your business - of your job - of your relationships.

Is there something holding you back? Or is it you holding you back?

Are You Creating Your Vision?

I’ve been working closely with my mentor and teacher davidji and my fellow meditation teacher and techie extraordinaire Nicole, on my business.

My vision has always been one of service. How can I help people? How can I reach them? What can I do to help them live with a little more peace and serenity? What do I need to learn that I can pass on to my students?

Since my original teacher training began in 2014 I’ve expanded my repertoire and continue to study. Basically I’m a life-long student!

But there comes a time when you need to get out of your own way and live the vision. I’m not helping people if what I want to do is all in my head.

You have to Show. Up. You have to claim your Impact. You have to come out from hiding and own who you are, what you believe in, and what you do.

And sometimes this involves subtle changes. Like putting a picture of myself doing qigong - instead of my usual go-to photo of a beautiful scene - on my qigong flyer. Yes, for me that was a pretty big deal.

And that includes changing the name of my business to better encompass all that I do - and making my name Glenda part of it. I’ve always shared what I do, but I need to OWN IT!

I love the name Moonset Meditation and it’s the symbolic representation of a special morning when our meditation teacher class sat on the beach after sunrise meditation and watched the moon setting into the Pacific. (that’s it in the photo at the top of the page)

Which Road Will You Take?

To make the impact I want to make, to be of service, to really help people with their stress I need to embrace the changes and all of the wonderful things that I envision on the road before me.

No more hiding behind a pretty sunset photo!

Are you with me? Is there somewhere in your life where you need to step into your power and OWN IT? Life’s too short not to go after your dreams! I’m choosing to take the road less travelled.

I’ll see you on the path. 

 Namaste,   Glenda                                                                                                                               

Written by

Glenda van Koot


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