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Gentle Trauma Release©

Peaceful Living Begins On The Inside

When you’re on a healing journey, you need to find the right person and the right method to help you.

You need to find someone you can connect with,

that you can trust and feel safe with.

Someone who will help you feel hopeful and able to believe in possibility.

“The connectivity of The Gentle Trauma Release Method© felt like the weaving together of all the parts of my human.

It was incredibly soothing and so gentle.” Evangeline, a client.

People often think that trauma only involves a ‘typical’ traumatic experience, such as being in an accident, or events witnessed by those in a war zone or first responders. But trauma can be so much more and events can begin to accumulate throughout our life.

Trauma is a bodily response to a threat. Something happened to you and it shocked your system. You weren’t able to escape or protect yourself at that moment. The trauma could have been the result of something physical or emotional; your safety or integrity may have been threatened. It can be as varied as an accident, abuse, humiliation, abandonment, the loss of a loved one, a job loss, or a diagnosis.

And the way you react to those traumas can be different and unique for each person.

However….. because you were unable to protect yourself, you froze and experienced a feeling of helplessness or being trapped.

When you’ve experienced trauma in this way, your body still reacts as if you’re not safe; even though the incident may have ended many years ago - or a week ago. That trauma becomes trapped in the body and your body (and subconscious mind) is still doing all it can to keep you safe. It’s always on the lookout for danger and ready to fight or flee. It doesn’t realize that you are now safe.

Resolving trauma is possible.  Using a method that is gentle is possible.

Taking into account your unique experiences and circumstances is possible.

“What I could not have expected was how deeply calming it was! I felt an immediate sense of coming home to a safe place to heal.” ~S

“Gentle Trauma Release© work is based on the premise that the true antidote for releasing trauma is the feeling of safety.

All Gentle Trauma Release© healing protocols and practices are designed to create the feeling of safety in the body.”

~ Izabela Viskupova, LLM, M.A, the creator of The Gentle Trauma Release Method©.

So what happens when trauma is trapped in your body?

How does it show up? The Gentle Trauma Release Method© acknowledges and recognizes that the symptoms and repercussions of experiencing trauma can show up in many ways.

"Gentle Trauma Release© combines the power of cutting-edge science and time-tested therapeutic and healing modalities. It integrates a vast amount of trauma-related knowledge and techniques in a way that is purposefully optimized to deliver the most powerful healing results in a time efficient and long-lasting way.” ~ Izabela Viskupova, LLM, M.A

All of the protocols and everything I do as a certified GTR© Practitioner has been designed with the client in mind.

You don’t have to be alone in your healing journey.

I am here for You.

Everything I have learned and everything I have trained in has been done to help You traverse your path.

The Gentle Trauma Release Method© offers a deep and lasting transformation.

Who you become as a result of our work together will stay with you.

The best way for you to know if I’m the right person to help you is for us to have a conversation. If we’re going to be working together I want you to feel comfortable and safe with me. I offer a free 30 minute Discovery Call using Zoom so that you can get to know me and I can learn more about your needs. Together we can decide what will serve you best.


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Evangeline and S share their Gentle Trauma Release© journey in their own words.

"Glenda’s practice of the Gentle Trauma Release Method helped me immensely through my past traumatic episodes.  I felt complete trust and vulnerability as she gently guided me through the emotions that had traumatized me, with her gifts of compassion and intuitive insight.  These emotions were held not just in my mind, but in my body as well, and she helped me name and move through the various levels to bring calmness and balance and healing." ~ Susan

"Praise to Glenda for providing me with a safe space to show up in and guiding me through healing my past, working through fears and giving me tools to use on my own, along with always making herself available to help me through any difficulties!!!I have found power in releasing fears and having tools to master my mind through working with Glenda!!Bravo Glenda and with Great Appreciation and Gratitude, I can Highly recommend working with Glenda, especially if you are ready to live your Best Life as your Best Self!!!!!! ~ Gratefully,Nadine Veibell