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It's Been A Journey

Why I do what I do.

I'm passionate about sharing what I've learned to help bring more serenity to how you feel.

To help bring you back to You.

I want to help you find your path to more peace of mind and a way to deal with the stress in your life. And once we find that path - I want to help you stay on it. I know what it's like to feel at your wits end and to keep on trying to plug away at whatever need

Sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago that I was in that dark place. I was in my third year of a new business when the 2008 recession hit. As things got tougher and tougher, I continued on because I had started with the manifesto that "Failure is not an option."

If you’d like to know more about how and why I began to teach what I do, please watch the quick video, How The Journey Began. It was filmed in November 2014 and for many years before and for a few after, that story defined me - in my eyes. But eventually the story faded and I was able to let it go.

I registered to become a Certified davidji Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher in July 2014 and began my studies that November. In November 2015 I went deeper and graduated as an Advanced davidji Deeper Still Meditation Teacher. I continue to study with him and am always learning and looking for more ways to serve.

As an alternative for students who said they couldn’t sit still to meditate, in June 2016 I began to study Qigong with Sifu Anthony Korahais. I was drawn to it as a form of moving meditation and became an instructor in 2018.

In 2021, I completed four years of study to become a Master Empowerment Certified Coach with the SWAT Institute, and in 2023 became certified as a Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner.

I began this path as Moonset Meditation but changed my name to Pathways to Serenity with Glenda to better encompass what I do. You can read more about the transition to changing my name in my blog post What’s in a Name.

Now I'm here to help you.

I'm not a therapist. You don't have to feel broken into little pieces or that you’ve lost your soul and your concept of You like I did.

But if you feel stressed, impatient, reactive, on edge or anxious - isn't it worth a try to feel less stressed, more patient, less reactive, and able to handle things more calmly?

Everything that I offer is a tool to help you feel a greater sense of well-being.

They all have one goal.

As I’ve grown what I offer has grown. Whether its learning meditation, or qigong, coming for a reiki treatment, or releasing past trauma -  I want to help you find your path to serenity.

What do you need?

Please reach out and let me know. I'd love to learn more about what you're looking for.  We can talk through email or I'm happy to set up a time to chat on Zoom.