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Glenda van Koot, June 22 2023

So You Want To Meditate. Does It Matter Why?

In the past couple of weeks I’ve come across a few articles and videos that are questioning and critical of why people are meditating or how they’re meditating.

I’ve given it some thought and tried to look at it from the various perspectives of the authors. My conclusion is that I can see their points but I don’t think I agree.

One perspective was based on the premise that mindfulness has evolved from its Buddhist traditions into something akin to McMindfulness.

As something that was being touted as a cure-all, it wasn’t addressing the wider scope or systemic issues of why someone needed it in the first place. It was being used as a bandaid solution instead of tackling the issues themselves.

It wasn’t long after reading these articles, that I had a video appear in my e-mail dismissing meditation apps as something that was just keeping you tethered to your phone rather than teaching you how to meditate ‘properly.’

Yes, the sender of this e-mail teaches meditation on a large scale - but I would also hazard a guess that their methods would not be congruent with those who believe that we’ve devolved into a world of McMindfulness.

So for what it’s worth, here’s what I think.

I Think Learning To Meditate Can Benefit Anyone.

So for what it’s worth, here’s what I think.

I think that if the military and first responders can be taught to use meditation to help them deal with the stress of what they encounter and have to do, then it’s a good thing.

True, it may depend on how they’re taught, but I know that my teacher davidji and the people he’s working with, are not teaching them to use meditation to become better warriors. Rather it is quite the opposite and is benefitting their mental health.

Anyone who develops a sincere meditation practice will reap the benefits - and so will their families, friends and co-workers.

If you find meditation apps helpful, then go for it! Yes, I do think that in the long run it’s more beneficial to come to someone like me to learn to meditate without using an app, but an app can definitely get you started and be something that you occasionally come back to.

Yes, the problems that are driving the need for meditation and mental health programs in the workplace or for first responders do need to be addressed. But in the meantime, lets not dismiss those who are trying to help or trying to find a way to deal with the stress in their life.

Because here’s what I think can happen - Mcmindfulness, apps, or not. The more people in this world that we have on the meditation and/or mindfulness train, the more light that will be shone in the world. The more people we have on that train, the more aware they will become of things that aren’t right and the more liable they may be to seek change - either for themselves, others, or within an organization.

If you’re a meditator it’s not up to me to question your motives. No, it’s not a panacea for work life or world problems, but from my experience, it can certainly help the inner world that exists within you. And isn’t that a good thing?

I’ll see you on the path, 

 Namaste, Glenda

Written by

Glenda van Koot


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