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Glenda van Koot, June 22 2023

How Do You Make Choices?

There’s an old saying - ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going.’

While that may be good for some situations, I think it can also lay a heavy burden on someone’s shoulders. When I was struggling with what was happening in my previous business, phrases like that kept me going.

But that was definitely not a good thing. I ignored how I felt, didn’t accept the reality of what was happening and was letting this way of thinking control my life. (You can read about that here)

I believe that when we can finally face a reality and allow ourselves to surrender to it, we are much better off than trying to keep ‘going’ through something that is eating us alive or beyond our control.

Could I have changed what was happening in my business? No. Could I have changed how I dealt with it? Absolutely.

But I didn’t know then what I know now.

Today I can only hope and believe that my reaction and means of coping would be different. I could still ‘get going’, but it would be in a different direction. One that would benefit both myself and anyone else involved.

I’ve said before that we always have a choice - but it’s up to us to be able to learn how to stand back and realize all of the choices that lay before us. We may not always be able to control a situation - but we can control our reaction to it.

There are numerous stories of people suffering great hardships who survive and emerge stronger. They learn and they grow and they become the masters of their thinking.

So go after your dreams. If it’s tough and you really want it only you can determine if the price and the ‘going’ is worth it. But make sure it’s the dream that you want. Make sure it’s possible. Absolutely take a risk - but don’t walk through the fire because you’ve been led to believe you’re supposed to.

Nelson Mandela was a brave man and role model to many. I wanted to share some of his wisdom in the video below. Watch and believe!

Don’t close your heart (or your mind) to other possibilities. Let your heart show you the way.

See you on the path, 

 Namaste, Glenda

Written by

Glenda van Koot


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