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Glenda van Koot, June 22 2023

The Gratitude Chain and You

Have you heard of a gratitude chain?

We can practice it together right now.

Imagine a favourite upholstered chair in your home.

Be grateful for that chair and that you have it. If we go back to the beginning of its manufacture, we can follow a long chain of gratitude.

Be grateful for the person who harvested the wood from the forest, be grateful for the person who designed the chair, and be grateful for the person who designed the print or texture of the fabric.

Say thank you to the wood cutters and the sewers; to the truck drivers who transported the materials to the furniture manufacturer and the finished chair to the store purchaser.

Be grateful for the people who work in the warehouse where it was kept and be grateful for the store buyer, clerks, salespeople and those who helped you get it into your home.

It’s so easy to only see the chair and not see everything that was involved in getting it to you. We can follow this chain for everything we have and do and if we take the time to think about it there are so many people to be grateful for.

What you do matters.

Whatever you do, whatever your work, you are somewhere in a chain that makes a difference to people. Sometimes its visible to us and sometimes its not. But the difference is there.

When you’re feeling angry, unhappy, unappreciated or frustrated it can be especially challenging to avoid having it colour everything that you do. When you’re in the midst of those emotions, feeling grateful or feeling like you matter can be difficult. I’ve been there. It’s not always sunshine and lollipops out there!

Nevertheless take heart; somewhere, someone has benefitted from what you do. We don’t always see the end result, but you’ve added to their life. Maybe someone else can do what you do, but everyone has their own little twist or unique sparkle in how they do it.

Not only what you do matters. You matter.

The Steps to Serenity video below offers some tips for when you find yourself with the Monday Blues - or in any situation where you need a lift. I've also recorded a Gratitude Chain meditation to listen to. I hope that you find them helpful.

See you on the path, 

 Namaste, Glenda

Written by

Glenda van Koot


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